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A division of Dave Cantin Group, DCG Capital is comprised of a team of financial industry experts headed by an individual with more than 40 years of investment banking experience. We posses in-depth expertise across all critical types of financial transactions.

DCG Capital exists to support the owners of new car dealerships by assisting them in obtaining the most effective and attractive sources of financing for all financial transactions whether it be for the acquisition of additional automotive dealerships, or by providing better terms and conditions for their existing financing.


Every dealership has an existing working relationship with one or more financial institutions. It is a necessary part of operating any dealership. And many dealerships may have been approached by other financial institutions and asked to consider using them when it is time to acquire an additional dealership. However, how many dealers keep up with all of the changes in every significant source of financing available today? Running a successful dealership is difficult enough without the additional burden of having to keep up with all of the changes that are constantly occurring in the financial institutional marketplace. This is where DCG Capital can be of meaningful benefit to a dealer. At DCG Capital we are knowledgeable about and constantly in contact with all significant sources of financing and know who to go to for financing in order to get the best possible terms and conditions for every transaction.


Just like any business, Financial Institutions are in business to make a profit for their shareholders. At DCG Capital we level the playing field when it’s time to obtain financing for your business. By contacting all of the appropriate financial institutions for every transaction, we allow the financial institutions to compete for your business. By doing this, we give you, the dealer, the opportunity to receive the most attractive terms and conditions for every transaction.

Our agreement is to exclusively represent your best interest and our only agreement is with you, the dealer. We do not have any agreements with any financial institution, nor do we receive compensation of any kind from any financial institution. We only represent the best interests of the dealer.


Your priority is running your dealership and what you want is to make sure that the financing is in place when it’s needed. Our commitment is to work together with your in-house team and to administer the process so that all of the many details of the transaction are taken care of and to make sure that the financing is in place and available to complete the transaction. Our team has experience working with all of the financial institutions who are significant sources of financing for dealerships and are familiar with what is required to complete financial transactions with each of them. This allows you to focus on what you do best, running a successful dealership.


At DCG Capital, working with you, your team, and your DCG Acquisition representative, it is our responsibility to assist you in determining the exact type of financing to fit your situation.
Every financial institution has its own criteria for determining the type of financing that best fits in their portfolio at any given point in time. As the economy changes and as banks merge or are acquired, their appetite for different types of financial transactions changes. It is our responsibility to keep up with all of those changes and to know which financial institutions to go to that are most likely to provide you with the exact financing for your needs Our priority is to assist in finding that specific financial institution who can provide the financing to achieve your specific needs, not the other way around.


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